Monday, January 5, 2009

ya abolfazl abbasیا ابوالفضل عباس

Abbas Qamar-e-Banu Hashim (the Moon of the Hashimites), who was next only to the Holy Imam in charge of the Holy Imam's camp, after a very strenuous fight with the enemy at the river, got a sack of water but when the sack filled with water was placed before the thirsty children, the poor innocents not waiting till it was properly opened, and not knowing how to open the sack, rushed to it and fell upon it, one over the other, in the haste to at least cool their burning bodies

رفته بودیم کوه و این صحنه جالبو در کوه دیدم که برف اطراف این سنگ و همه جا نشسته و خوب از اونجایی که این سنگ حالت ایستاده و عمودی دارد نوشته ی روی سنگ پیداست. با توجه به اینکه امشب شب تاسوعاست گفتم این عکس رو بذارم اینجا و یادی از جناب ابوالفضل عباس هم کرده باشیم. التماسدعا

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