Saturday, March 28, 2009

anjan artificial صنایع دستی زنجان

The history of Zanjan has close connections to that of Azarbaijan. Zanjan was always one of the important city in Azarbaijan. The name of Azerbaijan derives from Atropates[2] [3], a Iranian satrap of Media under the Achaemenid empire, who later was reinstated as the satrap of Media under Alexander of Macedonia[4]. The original etymology of this name is thought to have its roots in the ancient Zoroastrianism, namely, in Avestan Frawardin Yasht ("Hymn to the Guardian Angels"), there is a mentioning of: âterepâtahe ashaonô fravashîm ýazamaide, which literally translates from Old Persian as "we worship the Fravashi of the holy Atare-pata"[5] . Atropates ruled over the region of present-day Iranian Azerbaijan.
In Ptolemy's Geography, the city is referred to as Aganzana. It is said that the Sassanid king Ardashir I of Persia, reconstructed the city and called it Shahin but later it was renamed to Zangan, of which the present name is the arabicized form of.
In past times Zanjan's name was Khamseh, which means "province with five tribes".

خب پارسال رفته بودیم زنجان و سری به مغازه های صنایع دستی اش زدیم که بسیار جالب و زیبا بود. نکته جالب این مغازه این بود که پیر مردی که فروشنده بود هنوز داشت با چرتکه حساب می کرد

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