Tuesday, December 8, 2009


افزودن تصوير

Meybod (Persian: میبد) is a major desert city in Yazd Province, Iran with a population of about 75,000 making it the second major city in Yazd. It is located at 32 13 N 54 1 E. It is an ancient city that goes back to pre-Islamic arena and, hence, is the home to many ancient points of interests. The Historical City of Maybod is part of the Tentative List in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

It was the capital of Iran during the Mozaffarid period. Mozaffari kingdom originated from Meybod where the first king was born. One of the oldest castles in Iran is Narin ghaleh in Meybod, which dates back from the Sasanid. Chaparkhaneh and Karvansaraye Abbasi are some other examples of the historical buildings from Safavid era.

Many important major poets, sufis, clergymen and politicians came from Meybod. Meybodi, the author of "Kashf-ol-Asrar", Grand Ayatollah Haeri, Hossein Makki and many others lived in Maybod, to name a few.

Unfortunately some of its historical points were demolished by local authorities who did not understand the archeological values. Yet, it hosts many tourists from every corner of the world everyday.

اینجا شهر زیبای میبد در استان یزد هست که دارای بافتی تاریخی و زیبا است امیدوارم از این عکسهایی که از شهر میبد یزد گرفتم خوشتان آمده باشد

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