Monday, May 25, 2009

mir hossein mousavi in tehran marketمیر حسین موسوی به بازار آمد

Mousavi refused to run for president in the 1997 elections, which caused the reformists to turn to his former cabinet minister, then a little-known cleric, Mohammad Khatami, who won in a landslide. One of the memorable tactics of the 1997 Presidential Election Campaign was the posters containing Khatami's picture alongside Mousavi and his support for Khatami's bid, which is regarded by commentators to be one cause of the support among working class Iranians that Khatami enjoyed. Mousavi's wife, Zahra Rahnavard, explained in an interview[citation needed] that the reason for him not running in the 1997 elections was discouraging messages from higher officials, a statement which possibly hints at the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and/or the then President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani.

میر حسین موسوی به بازار آمد. امروز در بازار تهران دیدم که تبلیغات میر حسین موسوی به بازار تهران هم آمده. شاید یکی از اشکالات و نواقص اصلاحات عدم توجه به بازار بود بازاری که هم منابع مالی و هم منابع انسانی دارد خوب است بیشتر به آن توجه شود بازار فقط مکانی برای سرمایه دار ها نیست در بازار کارگر حسابدار سرمایه گذار تولید کننده و.. هستند بازار هم افراد غنی دارد هم فقیر و هم مکانی برای تجارت مردم. بنابراین چه خوبه که میر حسین و اصلاحات نگاه نویی به بازار داشته باشند

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