Tuesday, September 16, 2008

zayandeh river زاینده رود

Zayandeh River (Persian: Zayandeh Rud, from Zayandeh “life giving” Rud “river”) (formerly Zendehrood) is the largest river on the central plateau of Iran, Isfahan Province.

The Zayandeh starts in the Zagros Mountains and travels 400 kilometres (200 mi) eastward before ending in the Gavkhouni swamp, a seasonal salt lake, southeast of Esfahan city. The Zayandeh has significant flow all year long, unlike many of Iran's rivers which are seasonal. The Zayandeh is spanned by many historical Safavid era bridges, and flows through many parks.

اینجا اصفهان است و رودی که مشاهده می کنید زاینده رود است . این عکسها را از کنار باغ پرندگان اصفهان گرفتم و اینجا زاینده رود هنوز به محیط شهری نرسیده تا تمیز نباشد ضمن اینکه اینجا طبیعتش فوق العاده زیبا است

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