Thursday, November 20, 2008

ahmadinejad: Iran will cut enemies' hands with zanjan knifes چاقوی زنجان

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says the Iranian nation will 'cut the hands and legs' of those who want to invade the country.
“If ill-wishers violate the right of the Iranian nation, the nation will cut their hands and legs with Zanjan knives,” the Iranian President told a gathering of people in the northwestern province of Zanjan, in which knife making is a handicraft.

about zanjan:
Situated in the north - west of Iran, Zanjan province has an area of 21841 square Kilometers . Being generally mountainous and hilly, it is divided into three regions with different climates Takht - e - soleyman, Taleghan, and Kooh - e - Rostam are the most important mountains in the province . At a distance of 140 Km from the south - west of Zanjan city, in the south of Garmab village, lies a very sightly cave called Katie Khor. The rivers such as Ghezel Qwzan, Abhar Rood and Shah Rood flowing from the mountains through the province, create lush vegetation. Among the natural resources of this province there are six hot springs and four mineral springs in which tourists are highly interested Because of medicinal value these springs attract a large number of people each year. The vegetation of the province varies from one area to another but it is generally made up of forests and pastures.
Of local industries of the province, particularly of Zanjan city, is knife - making industry, the products of which are unique in delicacy and solidity

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احمدي نژاد در جمع مردم استان زنجان-1:

ملت ايران با چاقوي زنجان دست و پاي متجاوزان را قطع مي‌كند

با توجه به سخنان امروز ریئس جمهور در جمع مردم زنجان که چاقوی زنجان را به عنوان اسلحه ای برابر متجاوزان به خاک ایران نام بردند مناسب دیدم تا عکسهایی از چاقوهای زنجان را که قرار است در قلب دشمن فرو رود را اینجا بگذارم. نکته جالب در اولین عکس از چاقوهای زنجان است که یک چاقو دیده می شود که نام یو اس ای - بر آن حک شده. لازم می دانیم این تذکر را بدهیم که متاسفانه دشمن با جاسوسی می خواهد در سلاح های ما نفوذ کند و این سلاح های ما را از کار بیاندازد
عکسهایی از چاقو های زنجان را مشاهده می کنید که در سفر چند ماه پیش به زنجان این عکسها رو گرفتم

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