Saturday, October 11, 2008

Emadeddin Baghi عماد الدین باقی رسما از زندان آزاد شد

Emadeddin Baghi is a "prominent Iranian rights activist and leading prisoners' rights advocate," and a "renowned Iranian investigative journalist." He is the founder and head of the Committee for the Defense of Prisoners' Rights and the Society of Right to Life Guardians in Iran and the author of twenty books, six of which have been banned.[1] In 2000, Baghi was imprisoned in connection with his expose writings on the Chain murders of Iran, and served two years.[2] He was imprisoned again in late 2007 for another year on charges of "acting against national security." According to his family and lawyers, Baghi has been summoned to court 23 times since his release in 2003.[3] He has also had his passport confiscated, his newspaper closed, and suspended prison sentences passed against his wife and daughter.[4]

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