Thursday, October 23, 2008

PERSIAN GULF خلیج فارس

photo by: mostafa ghovanloo ghajar

The Persian Gulf, in the Southwest Asian region, is an extension of the Indian Ocean located between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula.[1] Historically and commonly known as the Persian Gulf, this body of water is sometimes controversially referred to as the Arabian Gulf by certain Arab countries or simply The Gulf, although neither of the latter two terms are recognized internationally.

The Persian Gulf was a focus of the 1980-88 Iraq-Iran War, in which each side attacked the other's oil tankers. In 1991, the Persian Gulf again was the background for what was called the Persian Gulf War or the "Gulf War" when Iraq invaded Kuwait and was subsequently pushed back, despite the fact that this conflict was primarily a land conflict.

The Persian Gulf is rich with good fishing grounds, extensive coral reefs, and abundant pearl oysters, but its ecology has come under pressure from industrialisation, and in particular, repeated petroleum spillages during recent wars.

no arabian gulf. just persian gulf

عکسهایی که می بنید مربوط به سرزمین عربستان است که حجاج ایرانی وقتی متوجه شدند که در پشت ماست هایشان نام خلیج عربی درج شده به نشانه اعتراض این ماست ها را نخوردند و جلوی درب هتل انداختند. برادرم که به سفر حج رفته بود عکسهایی از یان ماست ها را نشانم داد تا در این فتوبلاگ قرار بدهم. همیشه عاشق شعر خلیج همیشگی فارس ابی بودم
در اینجا شما می توانید برای خلیج فارس رای مثبت دهید و حمایت خود را اعلام کنید

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