Tuesday, September 27, 2011

mahallat park پارک جنگلی محلات

Mahallat (in Persian:محلات) is a city located in the Markazi province of Iran. In ancient times it was an important location forZoroastrianism. It has a cold climate, and strong winds during spring and summer. The city is one of the major producers and exporters of flowers in Iran. Every September the city holds a flower festival. In addition, the area surrounding the city is rich with travertine deposits, which are refined into tiles in nearby factories.
There are remains of Hellenistic architecture from Alexander the Great's time in Mahallat as well as fire temple ruins back from the Zoroastrianism era. The city is famous for a large warm water spring flowing from mountains in North into the plain areas of South used for agriculture as well as the urban water supply. There are also hotsprings not so far from the city which has been a source of local tourism since old times due to its assumed medical benefits. Dialect spoken in Mahallat is a version of bigger branch of dialects spoken in central Iran (Yazd, Isfahan, Khonsar) with several words having an eye-catching connection to old Persian.
اینجا محلات است
هلند ایران, مرکز پرورش بهترین نوع گل ها و گیاه های ایرانی


  1. Anonymous11:30 AM

    ba arze salam, akhe in che moghayese ee hastesh, shoma ta hala holand ro didin? dooste aziz in ghias e meal faregh hastesh...Holand kheili kheili sabz tar va az parvareshe gol aghalan 500 martabe fargh dare ba mahalat!

  2. سلام
    اينکه محلات ايران به هلند به لحاظ گل و پرورش گل مشهوره بر کسي پوشيده نيست
    محلات ايران داراي گونه هاي مختلف گل هست که شايد رد ايران تنها شهري است که به لحاظ آب و هوا و خاک مرغوب داراي گل و گياه هاي زيبا هستند و از محلات ايران است که به اقصي نقاط ايران گل صادر مي شود بنابراين در يک مقايسه کوچک ميتوان با هلند مقايسه شود البته در اين سه سري عکس گلخانه ها و باغات پرورش گل مشخص نيست اما اين حقيقت وجود داره که محلات شبيه هلند است به لحاظ پرورش گل و گياه


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